Carlie Christene Photos! High School Cheerleader Coach Fired From Job For Pics

Uh Oh! It seems that Carlie Christine didn't use that name when she went to work for Casa Robles High School...she went by the name of Carlie Becker. Now the story is better...a cheerleader coach fired for posing nude and using an alias. What's Next?

Carlie Christine was the Casa Robles High School (California) Cheerleader Coach until some nasty little ex-cheerleaders got her fired by...ummm..exposing the pics she posed for during the school's spring break in February.
It seems Carlie was the Cyber Girl of the Week, and school administrators didn't think that was appropriate for a cheerleader coach.

Doesn't matter. We are sure Carlie can turn this "lemon" into lemonade.

Link to Cyber Girl of the Week Photos (Not safe for work. Really.)


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