Is Jennifer Aniston The Sexiest Woman?

Jennifer Aniston has been named Sexiest Woman in a recent reader poll put on by Details magazine. Details is a men's magazine (duh) that obviously caters to those men in our population that are vision impaired. Hey, Jennifer Aniston is great and all...but the sexiest woman????

Jennifer freaking Aniston??

Let's look at the top 5, shall we??


This is the girl next door. Sexy? Yes. Sexiest? Please...Angelina on her period with a terrible head cold and no make up has her beat by a mile. Just ask Brad.


Here's the first lady on the list that beats Jennifer. Yeah, we know, strange girl and all...and a little trashy. But, this isn't a personality popularity contest, it's a sexiest woman contest. This one isn't even close.


Y'all pissed that she married Tom Brady? Don't be. He is Tom Brady, after all. As far as sweet girls go, maybe Jennifer tops Gisele. Sexiest? No No No and No. We didn't even use the nude shot on the white horse to prove our point. Don't have to.


Have you seen Slumdog Millionaire? NO? Then you haven't a clue who this is. This is the first on the list that Jennifer beats. Top 5 for Freida? Not even Top 20 folks.
By the way, Freida is a strong candidate for the old Hollywood name change trick. Pinto just doesn't get it.


That's right. Kim Kardashian. At #5. This pick could be the smoking gun that points to the nominees paying off Details magazine or the readers themselves...hell, Kim has done just about all the B through D list stars by now, might as well start working on the common man. Can you not name 100 Celebs that are sexier? We can. Who is this woman? Proof that a sex tape can get you far in this world. Look for the new Muckaroni sex tape...coming soon to a website near you.

Disagree? Let us know...


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